• We operate out of Newcastle Marina and offer 9-hour daily charters.
  • Accomodations are available nearby in the town of Port Hope (15 km). *See our Brochure for details.
NOTE: If no fish are caught for the group, the cost of the charter for the group is ½ price.
Dave and client with trophy fish

Lake Ontario boasts a World Class Trout and Salmon Fishery.

In July and August fishing from 1 to 17 miles off shore, we fish for Rainbow Trout (Steelhead) up to 20lbs, Coho Salmon up to 20lbs, and Chinook Salmon up to 40lbs.

We employ a variety of trolling techniques including: downrigging, planner boards, lead core line, dipsey divers, jet divers, and other combinations, running up to 14 rods at once.

Over the past several years catches have averaged 80-100lbs of fish per day.