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NOTE: If no fish are caught for the group, the cost of the charter for the group is ½ price.

Trophy fish

The Bay of Quinte is one of the top waters in North America for catching TROPHY WALLEYE. It is located off the north east corner of Lake Ontario, one and a half hours east of Toronto and one hour west of the U.S border (Thousand Island Bridge).

The Bay of Quinte is approximately 55 miles long and 1 to 5 miles wide. This is a World Class Trophy Walleye Fishery, these Walleye are migratory and move from Lake Ontario into the Bay of Quinte for the Fall and Winter months.

In the late Spring (May/June) a reverse migration occurs when spawning is completed. To stay on top of this migration we relocate our boat to different harbours in order to allow us to stay close to the walleye as they move. Our clients usually catch an average of 30 walleye per day.

Customarily in the Fall fishing (Sept/Nov) season our clients usually land 100-200 walleye over 8 pounds, the largest being 14½ pounds. Our success rate is very weather-related, due to the finicky nature of the Walleye.